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cPanelDirect Wiki

The Wiki contains actual resolution's to support tickets for problem resolutions for cPanel. Feel free to add your own articles which we will move to their own categories.

Getting Started

Our wiki is being separated into categories or you can view all articles.

Recent Additions

* Ksplice installer script
* Enabling eaccelerator gives openbasedir errors
* Oscommerce can not reassign
* Plugin: eval failed: Can't find label NO at /usr/lib/perl5/site perl/5.8.8/Mail/S pamAssassin/Plugin/ line 164
* Unterminated argument list invoking macro "startup ipi hook"
* Sa-update GPG validation failed
* Posix.c:471: error: 'struct utsname' has no member named 'domainname' on Litespeed PHP build
* Jailshell and mysql commands
* InnoDB: Database page corruption on disk or a failed
* Cannot create a new IO::Tty from fd 4: Bad file descriptor
* Email account password change not being accepted by login
* Running php as a cgi with minimal changes
* Cpanel does not show created email accounts
* Suhosin php post issues
* R=lookuphost defer (-1): lowest numbered MX record points to local host
* Error: Can't locate Mail/SpamAssassin/CompiledRegexps/body
* Unable to compile Encode::Detect::Detector‎
* Fantastico is not installed at the default location‎

Security Articles

* Limit SSH per IP and user 
* Integrate pure-ftpd with clamav 


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   * Category:Backups  
   * Category:Cpanel  
   * Category:Cpanel Errors  
   * Category:Dos Attacks
   * Category:Easyapache   
   * Category:Email  
   * Category:FTP  
   * Category:Optimizations  
   * Category:SSL  
   * Category:Security  
   * Category:Third Party Software
   * Category:Transfers 
   * Category:WHM Errors  

Other Help

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