Sa-update GPG validation failed

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If you run sa-update -D and it gives a GPG error, like below:

<pre> [65237] dbg: channel: populating temp content file [65237] dbg: gpg: populating temp signature file [65237] dbg: gpg: calling gpg [65237] dbg: gpg: gpg: Signature made Mon Jul 20 09:23:53 2009 CDT using RSA key ID 24F434CE [65237] dbg: gpg: gpg: WARNING: signing subkey 24F434CE is not cross-certified [65237] dbg: gpg: gpg: please see for more information [65237] dbg: gpg: [GNUPG:] ERRSIG 6C55397824F434CE 1 2 00 1248099833 1 [65237] dbg: gpg: gpg: Can't check signature: General error error: GPG validation failed! The update downloaded successfully, but the GPG signature verification failed. channel: GPG validation failed, channel failed [65237] dbg: generic: cleaning up temporary directory/files </pre>

You need to import the GPG key.

sa-update --import GPG.KEY 

This error so far has occured only on FreeBSD 5 with cPanel.