Spamd keeps failing

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There are a few reasons spamd may be failing. A common reason is due to quota. If a user has hit their quota limit spamd under that user may cause high cpu usage.

First, run top and watch for spamd processes. It will show the cpu usage and the user running it.

top - 10:12:17 up 63 days, 12:53,  2 users,  load average: 12.80, 9.43, 9.52
Tasks: 188 total,   2 running, 180 sleeping,   3 stopped,   3 zombie
Cpu(s): 54.2% us,  3.7% sy,  0.7% ni,  2.8% id, 37.7% wa,  0.2% hi,  0.8% si
Mem:   4091936k total,  3930972k used,   160964k free,    46104k buffers
Swap:  6201028k total,    35768k used,  6165260k free,  2799704k cached

 2558 bps       25   0   90   1:34.46  0.7 31288  28m 2076 R spamd

In this cause the first process was spamd by user bps. The CPU usage is 80%.

Now check the quota with quota -u

root@server [~]# quota -u bps
Disk quotas for user bps (uid 32080):
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
       /dev/md1   61440*  61440   61440            1455       0       0

It says 61440* blocks in use. The * means the quota has been reached or exceeded.

Raising the quota will fix the error. In this case the quota is 60 MB, to fix I have raised it to 70MB.

root@server [~]# /scripts/editquota bps 70M

Then restarted spamd with